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Vidisic Eye Gel 10g

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Vidisic eye gel contains the active ingredient carbomer, which acts as a lubricant to treat symptoms of dry eye. It is a soothing gel that is used as an artificial tear when the eyes are lacking in tears.

Your eyes will normally produce just enough natural tears to allow them to move easily and comfortably. If your eyes do not produce enough tears they can become dry, red and painful.

Your gel keeps the surface of the eye lubricated when production of tears is less than normal, and has a refreshing, cooling action. The carbomer in this gel holds moisture and releases this onto the surface of the eye to help relieve the feeling of dryness. This gel can be used by children, adults and the elderly.

How to use:
The usual dose is to apply 1 drop in the corner of the eye, nearest the nose, 3 to 5 times each day or as required to give enough lubrication. Dry eye is a condition that varies from person to person. Use the gel as often as you think necessary.

Do not use:

  • If you have been told, or know, that you are allergic (hypersensitive) to any of the ingredients (see Section 6 and end of Section 2).
  • If you think you have conjunctivitis (an eye infection) which can also cause the eye to be red and inflamed.

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