Claim Medical Costs Against Your Tax Bill

Both the HSE and Revenue offer people the opportunity to claim back tax on certain medical expenses. Please be aware that you can only claim tax relief on expenses paid by you. The tax back schemes do not apply to those with health insurance for example. Currently, tax relief on medical and health expenses is at 20% and the time limit to apply is 4 years.

Qualifying medical expenses

View examples below of pharmacy health expenses you may qualify for. Please note, you cannot receive tax back for routine dental or ophthalmic care.

  • Prescription medication
  • Maternity care for women
  • Drugs, medicines, and hygiene products for children with disabilities or life threatening illnesses
  • Glucometer tool for diabetics

Visit Revenue.ie for a full list of medical expenses.

How to claim tax relief

Simply head to Revenue.ie’s website and log in to your account. Within this system, you’ll be able to claim back tax on medical expenses. If you’d prefer, you can also do this by filling out a form and returning it to your nearest revenue office.

Don’t forget, you can only claim relief if you have the correct receipts to confirm your medical expenses. You can upload these to your account on Revenue.ie, so make sure to hang on to them.

Learn more about tax relief on medical expenses by chatting to your local O’Sullivan’s pharmacist or check out the taxation and medical expenses resource from Citizensadvice.ie

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