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Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding


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Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding is the perfect solution for anyone looking to relieve pressure and pain on their feet. Whether you're dealing with calluses, corns, verrucas, or just uncomfortable shoes, these foam cushions will make every step a comfortable one. The dermatologically tested adhesive pad securely adheres to your skin and can be cut to fit any part of your foot, including the heel, ball, top, toe, sole, or bridge. Plus, it's versatile enough to be applied to your shoes for protective cushioning where you need it, especially on sports footwear.


  • Relieves pressure and enhances comfort anywhere on your feet
  • Can be cut to fit any part of the foot
  • Suitable for use on foot or in shoe
  • Dermatologically tested and ideal for sports shoes
  • Provides pain relief from aching or irritated skin

How to use:

  • Ensure the pad is clean and dry before use.
  • Cut the foam into the desired shape and remove the backing paper to reveal the adhesive surface.
  • Position the pad and press down firmly to ensure lasting attachment.
  • If your skin is broken, dress the wound before applying the pad.

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