Revive Active Beauty Complex Sachets 30 Pack

Revive Active

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Containing a range of ingredients chosen to benefit the skin, hair and nails, Beauty Complex is a convenient and easily-integrated addition to any daily regimen. One sachet daily, simply added to a glass of water, creates a light orange and pineapple-flavoured beverage with a unique and refreshing taste. Its powdered form provides superior nutrient absorption, and it is enriched with marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, phytoceramides, and biotin. 

How Beauty Complex Works -

Skin: Vitamin C supports the body's formation of collagen, which is critical in maintaining the skin's normal functioning. Biotin helps keep skin healthy, while Copper plays a role in its normal pigmentation.

Hair and Nails: Selenium supports healthy hair and nails, biotin promotes healthy hair, and copper assists with maintaining the normal pigmentation of hair.

Oxidative Stress: Vitamin C, Selenium and Vitamin E all help shield cells from oxidative stress.

Gums & Teeth: Vitamin C helps form collagen necessary for healthy functioning of teeth and gums.

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