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Driclor Solution 20ml

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Driclor Solution has been specifically formulated to treat excessive perspiration. It works by forming a gel matrix in the effected sweat glands, which reduces and eventually stops the flow of sweat.

Excess sweat is reabsorbed into the body and disposed of in the normal way. Within just a few weeks of using Driclor Solution, excessive perspiration should disappear and sufferers should feel cool and dry.

Driclor anti-perspirant roll on is suitable for use on all skin types and by anyone for whom traditional anti-perspirants are inadequate.

Directions for use:

    • Always dry the affected areas thoroughly before applying (otherwise irritation may occur)
    • Initially apply once daily, last thing at night
    • In the morning, wash off and do not reapply during the day. Continue to use your regular deodorant as normal.
    • After 2 weeks, you should notice as considerable improvement. Once sweating stops during the day, you can reduce applications to twice a week or less.
    • Not for use by children under 3 years.
    • Do not apply to wet, broken, sensitive, irritated or recently shaven skin.
    • Avoid contact with the eyes.
    • Keep away from open flames.
    • Avoid direct contact with costume jewellery, polished metal surfaces and clothing.

For external use only


Alcohol, Aluminium Chloride, Aqua.

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