Nicorette Invisi Extra Strength 25mg Step 1 Patches 14 Pack

Nicorette Invisi Extra Strength 25mg Step 1 Patches 14 Pack


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NICORETTE® INVISIPATCH™ is a once-a-day way to beat nicotine cravings. An easy, low maintenance solution to help you quit – the patch delivers a controlled dose of nicotine to help tackle cravings for 16 hours.

Suitable for

25mg strength is for smokers of more than 20 a day. For preventing nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms throughout the day

Directions for use

  1. First thing each morning, apply one fresh patch to clean, dry, hairless skin of the arm, chest, or hip.
  2.  Apply to a new part of your body each day. After 2 to 3 days, you may apply to a previous spot if there’s no sign of irritation.
  3. Before going to sleep, remove the patch and dispose of it safely.

Heavy smokers: start at Step 1 with the 25 mg/ 16 hours patch and use one patch daily for 8 weeks. Gradual weaning from the patch should then be initiated. One 15 mg/16 hours patch should be used daily for 2 weeks followed by one 10 mg/16 hours patch daily for 2 weeks. Light smokers: start at Step 2 (15 mg) for 8 weeks and decrease the dose to Step 3 (10 mg) for the final 4 weeks.

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